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It is important to us to build a bridge between opportunities and securing the future. By supporting companies from the ground up in securing their trainees and later „employees of tomorrow“. Thus you secure the continuity of your company. 
For this we find people from third countries with a certain level of language and education. Through our many years of experience with trainees and young people from developing countries and their official affairs, we can accompany the bureaucratic part competently. With our international team, we find people from third world countries with a certain level of education and langueage. We speak English, France, Fula, Wollof and German.

We believe that everyone deserves at least
"the one chance".
We offer you that One chance in a safe way!

Join Hundreds of
mediated professionals

“Bridgenation helped me to get my dream job in Europe.”

Angela Ross

"Thanks to Bridgenation I can finally show my skills in a renowned country."

Melissa Patterson

“Best decision. My life has got a 180 degree turn to the positive.”

Shirley Turner

“Not imaginable, they not only got me a job but everything else as well.”

Jules Hughes